David Moorhead

Wielding a six string since the age of six and writing songs for nearly as long, Boston guitarist David Moorhead brings a unique and fresh perspective to the world of rock and roll.  Finding early inspiration in the Beatles catalog, he not only wanted to play all the magnificent guitar parts he was hearing, but he also grew curious about the process and practice of how those sounds were recorded.  

His first adventure in songwriting and recording was a Beatle-esque dust-up called “Love Makes The World Go ‘Round”.  Unfortunately, no recordings of the song exist, but the chord progression and chorus lyrics remain in memory.  

His family moved across the country to California – first Northern, then Southern – and he stayed true to his early vision, writing and recording all through his formative years, playing in various bands with various musicians, eventually finding himself home in Boston studying at Berklee College of Music.  

The ping-pong life continued: David moved back to California after college, playing, writing, producing, and engineering all around greater Los Angeles.  

In 2004, David opened the doors on independent recording label Hey Now Records and in 2005 he felt it was time to serve one final ping-pong shot, back Boston again (seemingly for good this time). 

In Boston, with Hey Now Records fully in swing, David set sail on his first solo release, ‘Drive’ (2007).  After the phenomenal success of ‘Drive’ he started to spread his wings and partner with friends on two separate duo releases, ‘Drift’ (2009) by Gaslight Revival and ‘Paper Airplane’ (2011) by Behind The Sun. He eventually returned to solo work with the EP release ‘For The Light That Shines Before You’ (2013) and then the three-volume set ‘Soon The Daylight’ (2014).  

David took a bit of time away from recording his material, fully committing to being on the road and doing live gigs as a guitar-playing blues/blues-rock sideman, but the itch to record returned – as expected.  

In 2018, David wanted to start fresh: new songs, new label, new album, new approach.  Mojo Highway Recording Company was launched and that brings us to 2020: ‘Side Tracked’.  It’s the blues-rock album he always wanted to make with a clear tip of the cap to his sonic and guitar-playing influences, but every bit the sound of David Moorhead. It speaks to his creative curiosity about the entire process from writing the songs to getting those songs in your headphones. 

Look for David on the road and on all of your favorite streaming platforms.  Mojo Highway has plans in the coming years to re-release David’s work in expanded deluxe edition versions.


Drive (2007) 
High 5 (2011) 
For The Light That Shines Before You (2013)
Soon The Daylight (2014)
Side Tracked (2020)

Candied Jams (2020)

Drive b/w Second Hand News (2007)
The Great Escape b/w I Need You (2010)
Sam I Am b/w Tonight [single mix] (2014)

Rattlesnake b/w 10 & 2 Blues (2020)
She Don't Live Here No More b/w Where You Belong (2020)


The Hard Way

On January 20, 2001 Matt Wilczynski moved from Worcester, MA to Los Angeles, CA. Now, 20 years later, he is finally finishing what he started - putting out his own music. 

The Hard Way is a collective "band" made up of Matt on vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard and drums with a rotating cast of musicians and friends to round out the sound - which is a mixture of The Beatles, Queen, Cheap Trick, Ben Folds, "Pet Sounds" era Beach Boys, Jellyfish, 70's Aerosmith, and even early 70's funk with the track "Wormtown Underground". 

The first single, "Note to Self" is available everywhere. 

Ben Folds on "Note to Self": 
"Excellence everywhere! This song is going to make motherfu$%ers happy! This is a standing ovation kind of song". 

Roger Joseph Manning Jr (Jellyfiish, Imperial Drag, Beck, The Lickerish Quartet) on "Note to Self": 
"Great vocal sound, Matt!" 

The Hard Way's debut EP, "New to You", will be released on January 20th, 2021. Yup, that's the 20th Anniversary of the move to California. So dramatic!


New To You (2020)

Walls/Bridges (2019)
Note To Self (2020)


Behind The Sun

Behind The Sun – a duo project featuring David Moorhead and Andy Alton = is what happens when two friends come together to make music over the course of a long weekend in the early days of fall in Chicago. Feeling fully inspired by and transfixed on the vibe of the city, the influences that came long before them, and the stories that filled their hearts and minds, their first album Paper Airplane was born.  

Paper Airplane is an album of stories, recorded and produced in the style of early Dylan – guitar and voices only. While that doesn’t differ too much from their solo projects, the one rule while writing this record was that the stories couldn’t be their own. Through reading or listening to the radio, they learned about other people and their lives and the experiences that helped shape their worldview and character. David and Andy wanted to give new life to these stories by adapting music that was influenced by the mood each of the original storytellers created.  

Paper Airplane is a beautiful collection of nine stories, four written by each of the guys and one – the title track, “Paper Airplane” – written by both.  

Both David and Andy continue to forge ahead with their solo careers but do look forward to finishing a new Behind The Sun release in the very near future.  There are more stories to tell, after all…


Paper Airplane (2011)



Gaslight Revival

In 1998, on the corner of Newbury Street and Massachusetts Avenue in Boston’s Back Bay, guitarist David Moorhead met drummer Trevor Jones on the third floor of the Tower Records building. After exchanging a handshake and a hello, they discovered they were both students at Berklee College of Music and immediately developed a rapport through a common passion for live music, songwriting, and most importantly, rock & roll.  

Competitive eagerness to challenge and inspire each other with new artists and new sounds helped plant the seed that eventually got them into a room to jam and share ideas. They quickly realized a similar vision, but they also quickly realized they needed to add some pieces to bring the vision to life. A new band was in the making and a search for musicians that shared a common thread was launched.  

They hit a snag. Even with all the enthusiasm in the world, the search for like-minded musicians wasn’t easy even at a place like Berklee. They would hire a bass player, lose an organ player. They would bring in a singer and the rhythm guitarist would flake out. The revolving door of players turned for an entire year and before they knew it their arduous search for players was all in vein and their time at Berklee was over and so was their effort to put a sustainable project together.  

Time would pass, contact few and far between. Trevor stayed in the Boston for a bit before moving down to Brooklyn.  David moved back to California. While in Brooklyn, Trevor found himself branching out musically, eventually picking up a guitar to play some chords and write some songs.  David, now residing in Los Angeles, continued to write, record, and play as always. 

David did end up moving back to Boston in 2005 and eventually Trevor decided to follow suit, coming home to Plymouth. It was only a matter of time before the paths of David and Trevor were to cross again.  

In October 2007, for the first time in six years, David and Trevor came together to make music. With the failure of their first project on the front of their minds, they knew that they needed to approach things differently the second time around. This time they knew they had to handle all aspects of being a fully functional songwriting team and band, all the way from writing the songs to playing all the parts on the recordings of those very songs.  

And that they did. A new band was born - Gaslight Revival.


Drift (2009)
Drift Stripped (2009)